Sunday, January 15, 2012

wonderful dimsums at maju palace....

I love dimsums (chinese tapas) and am happy that there are quite a few places that serve halal dimsums now, and Maju Palace Restaurant is one of them (the other one I selalu pergi is the one in Quality Inn - they serve buffet dimsums on weekends... sedap!).

Anyway, was at Maju Palace recently with some fun loving and happy eating friends and had our fair share of delicious dimsums. Not bad tempat ni.

This has got to be the most popular and common dimsum
- the siew mai...

 Our table

 Our appetiser... cute and tastes good

 We didn't know what and how to order.
The waitress wasn't helping much.
The menu does not have enough pictures.
And I only know siew mai and chee cheong fun. :)))

 So here's our chee cheong fun...

 Cut into small pieces, so that auntie-auntie
can eat easily. Ayoo... it sucks to be 'old'... hahaha..
 Siew mai too? Prawns inside.

 My friend had a tough time ordering this morsels.
She was like 'macam karipap, dalam ada inti daging'. haha..
 Luckily she got the order right after all those sign languages.
Kelakar betul...

 I love their egg tarts. I'm a sucker for egg tarts
and these ones taste good. Not too sweet. Just right.

 This is good too. Not sure what it's called
 but it has crunchy bean sprouts (taugeh) and some eggs.
Taste somewhat like fried kuey tiaw.
I ate the plate clean. Yummy!

 Their porridge has the right consistency
but I'm not crazy about century old eggs.
I asked for salted egg and the waiter pulled a blank face. Ayoo!

I'm an eggplant freak, so naturally
I had to order this dish and it tastes wonderful.

Not sure if it's the done thing but I ordered
 cili jeruk with soy sauce to complement my dimsums.
Orang melayu makan dimsum cam ni kot... ihiks!

 And here are our foods.
And we ate like crazy...

Some of the dishes we ordered, ada harganya sekali,
just in case you're wondering what's the damage like..

Note : Maju Palace Resto is at Maju Junction.. obviously.. :)))))


Hjh Zae said...

U blh satu geng ngan anak2 I ..they love dim sum and japanese food. Tp I kuno sikit tp lagi fancy western lah dari oriental. Mental block betul..

Anonymous said...

Wow..the dim sum looks goods. enjoy yr meal dear fren..and all yr choices are my fav..huhuhu....pae

Anonymous said...

The only 'halal' outlet....

Quality Hotel have buffet dim sum..daily..

wanna go next lunch...hehe


manna mania said...

hjh zae ~ i pun ada mental block gak... tu sbb amik dim sum yg 'safe looking' je... hehe... jap foods lain sikit... easier to take in...

manna mania said...

pae ~ dah selamat masuk dan selamat keluar dah dimsum2 tu... hehe... but thanks anyway... :))

manna mania said...

Daya ~ buffet dimsum kat quality inn every day ye? i thought only on w/ends.. been there few times, tapi a bit chaotic and more often than not, most popular dishes habisnya cepat.. kalau pi lambat, miss soru le...

tapi errr.... nak pi lagi? bisa aja kok.... hehe said...

My friend has always been looking for good halal dim sum to bring his family! will recommend dis link

manna mania said...

hi popincookinshop... thanks for dropping by and for the comment..

yup, i do recommened this place.. it's good... another good halal place for dimsums is at quality hotel.. they have buffet dimsums on weekends.. but my friend said it's daily... can check it out...

do come again ya. :)))

RazFiRa said...

wow..tengok gambar2 ni pagi2 terus terliur dibuatnya :p

manna mania said...

memang sedap razfira.... cubalah try ... and thanks for coming to my bloggie.. :))