Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The famous Pulau Aman's prawn noodles....

Guys, have been away up north for quite some time.  Hence the 'deafening' silence from my blog.  So, here I am again.  Thanks to my friend, Pae, I got to sample the famous prawn noodles (mee udang) of Pulau Aman.  Pulau Aman is situated off Simpang Ampat town.  Somewhere there laa.... :D

Anyway, here's the mee udang.  MEMANG POWER!!!

Am not really a fan of anything prawn-y
but this prawn noodle is simply delicious.
Enak banget!!

And here's the proof.
Licin tu pinggan saya.

Okay, now let's talk a little bit about Pulau Aman.  Nothing much to talk about actually.  It's a very small island.. maybe famous sebab mee udang dia je kot.  First heard of Pulau Aman when another Penang friend, Zila, went there to makan its mee udang.  So, naturally I was curious.

 Pulau Aman - ada south and north rupanya.

 Some of their local products.
Salted fish, belacan (fish paste),
keropoks and others.

Plenty of pokok sukun here.
Giant pokok sukun.

 The floating restaurant.
The biggest and cleanest resto on the island.

 Besides the prawn mee,
we also ordered kuay tiaw prawn.

 And 'shlimp flied lice'... hihi..
again reminiscing good ol' kalamazaoo days....

 And ate some nasi lemak bought before getting on the ferry.
Ayoo..takut tak cukup makan ni...

 Mak cik dan adik2 ni masak kuih kapit (love letters).
The love letters are fresh and crispy and delicious.

 Pae bought one jar.
Memang sedap, Pae. Mucho gracias, amigo!

They also rear goats and plant veges.
The veges are really very healthy.
Check out that labu air.
Siap kena pakai alat to support it. .. huhu...

Well, the trip to Pulau Aman was a good experience.  Once in 20 years is plenty. But it's made worth it because of the wonderful company of  a good friend and the prawn mee.  Simply marvellous.... !


Anonymous said...

mmm memang sedap mee udang yg hang order..but the best is the company and of course the hot SUN!!!! kita order yg biasa saja..kalau yg special berapa ekor agak nya udang2 tu...ee cannot eat too much udang loo...gatai satu badan. the walk was a good excercise...thks tuna for agreeing to come along!!!...pae

manna mania said...

yup, betul tu friend....the best thing is the company... thanks so much for taking us here... panas mmg panas.. tapi still tolerable.. hehe..

Hjh Zae said...

udang manyak musat oh..menggoda selera.

I pernah dengar lah mee udang Pulau Aman ni tp each time gi ke Penang masa anak I kat MRSM dulu, tak pernah yg sampai..sedih..

manna mania said...

hajah zae ~ tu pun i order mee udang yang biasa je.. kalau yg spesel, rasanya lg banyak udang.. kuah dia mmg sedappp...

tak pa, moon.. lain kali blh pi... mmg berbaloi...

teratai said...

ohh tergoda habis ngok udangnya!pasti bestkan berada di sana n dpt makan mee udang lagik:)

manna mania said...

memang sedap, teratai.. saya yg tak brapa gemar makan udang pun tergoda... nanti blh lah try..

btw, terima kasih menjenguk blog saya.... nanti singgahlah lagi ya. :)))

Nava.K said...

I am drooling over the spicy lookin prawn noodles.