Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rojak and Cendol... a match made in food haven...

Rojak and cendol must be one of the best Malaysian food combinations there is.  Who can resist a bowl of cendol with shaved ice and a plate of rojak mee, especially on a hot day, eaten by the road on a dusty and hot day?  I cannot.... that's for sure!!

Here's my bowl of cendol with sweet corn and kidney beans.
Too bad all the shaved ice has melted.

And here's cendol's partner-in-crime, the rojak.
I love my rojak with mee in it. Lovely!!

My fave rojak stall is the one located at Suntex Garden,
Batu 9, Jalan Cheras, Kajang.
They used to operate under a huge tree and the tree provided
nice shade but sadly, the tree was cut down recently.
So now there are only huge umbrellas. 
Ambience dah kurang oomph..
But anyway, their rojak and cendol remain the same.

 The rojak guy busy preparing the orders..

 And this is the cendol guy.

 Mamak, dua cendol kurang manis, please!!

 The sambal sotong (spicy squid) which
goes very well with my rojak mee. ENAK!!!


Anonymous said...

Tuna... rojak without the mee ada? kenapa pangil rojak.......pae

mas nordin said...

tahniah la tuna ada blog makan2...tapi saya tak boleh tegnok selalu. Ya la kita ni pemakan orgnya.... Manjang terlior je. Cendol dgn rojak mmg favourite tp bukan yg ada mee. Kat lumut ni takdak rojak yg sepcial. Cendol ada la yg mmg top. Dah banyak kali masuk paper. Cendoi bow tie sbb dia siap dress up mcm kt hotel dgn bow tie lg. Masa saya keje shah alam yg selalunya saya pekena di Shah Alam belakang Darul Ehsan Medical Centre. Glenmarie depan EON Service Ctr dgn Sect 15 Subang Jaya dkt Shell belakang masjid SJ...isskk banyak plak kenangan makannya...good job tuna...
mas nordin.

manna mania said...

pae ~ rojak biasa tanpa mee la... tapi i suka rojak campur mee.. so jadiklah rojak mee.. :D

manna mania said...

mas nordin ~ tima kasih banyak... and thanks for stopping by.. datang lah selalu ya... ajak org rumah sekali... hihi...