Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nasi Briyani Hameediyah and Chowrasta...

The first time I had Nasi Briyani Hameediyah was like six or seven years ago.  Masa tu memang rasa sedaaappppp sangatlah and have been telling meself that I'd go there again if I were ever in Penang.  So, when I was there last weekend, naturally Restaurant Hameediyah was on my must-visit list.

This is my nasi briyani ayam goreng paha.

 'The best nasi briyani in Penang?!!'
mmm ... maybe in Penanglah kot...
 I guess my taste bud has since 'evolved' and 
I don't find their nasi briyani as oompphyyy as before. 
It's still nice but it doesn't really leave an impact as it did before.

Pae's theory : dolu2 I've not yet tasted the 'goodness' of mandy rice
so nasi briyani Hameediyah to me was like THE rice.
mm.. maybe there's some gospel truth it Pae's theory...

But their fish curry is yummilicious.
Memang sedap menjilat jari.
Check out the awesomeness in that oily gravy.. huhu..

 Their dhal gravy is on okay-okay affair.

 Okay, here's the restaurant.
Not hard to miss, actually.
It's smacked between some pre-war shophouses.
The best landmark would be the Chowrasta.
It's just a block away from Chowrasta.

Here's their murtabak maker.
I guess he's as ancient as the restaurant itself
but he's very efficient.
An epitome of a competent and dedicated staff. 
 Tu dia murtabak tengah masak.
If you want to eat murtabak, be prepared to wait.
It's gonna take a while before you get your makanan.
 Chestnut  (buah berangan) seller at Chowrasta.

Original. SUPER. Premium lagi tu.
 This uncle is very the jovial.
So we bought a few kgs of berangan from him.
The (in)famous Chowrasta.
It's chaotic, dusty, hot, humid, crowded.
I guess those are the attractions of Chowrasta :D
Mesti pergi sini kalau mai Penang.


Anonymous said...

Hehe..sakan are right Hammeediyah has to compete with other Foreign food. we have a few more mandy store behind USM( manage by Foreigner..( byk foreign student and lecture )and it taste quite as good.Nxt trip aku bawa hang makan nasi cergas pulak(nasi melayu). ayam goreng dia memang power.... well penang food is oky oky loo. dah mahal sekarang. a few stalls are still my fav!!!...pae

What's Baking?? said...

The next time I pergi Penang, must go visit the places with all the yummy food!

manna mania said...

Pae ~ okay.. nxt time kita pi makan nasi cergas lak. .tak penah try... tapi apa pun, nasi kandar I'll have to say no thank you.. belum suka makan nasi kandar ... :D

manna mania said...

hello jen... yup, plenty of nice foods in penang... but I only managed to try out some only.. maybe nxt time boleh try lagi... :))