Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poh's Kitchen...

Anybody who loves foods, I think, would love cooking shows.  And I'm no different. I love to watch how they do it on TV (cooking that is, don't get any weird ideas now...).  And one of my latest fave shows is Poh's Kitchen.

Poh Ling Yeow a Malaysian-born Australian. 
Won second place in Masterchef.
She has this crazy yet contagious laugh.
Suka tengok her cooking show. She's a natural.
It proves again that one doesnt need to be pretty
like Nigella Lawson to be a good celebrity chef
but she DOES have something in common with Nigella though...

Check out her sneak preview HERE!!

My son will always roll his eyes when I do 
my (in)famous commentary everytime we watch Poh.
I'd go something like this :
'If Poh didn't migrate Down Under, 
I bet she'd still be cooking up a storm.
But she'd be doing it in some dingy char kuey tiaw stall
or may be selling yong tau foo in Jalan Alor' 

I admit that's quite an unfair remark but then that's the reality.
Kalau dok kat sini, I dont think Poh would have 
her own cooking show, would she? mmmmmm......

Whatever it is, I love Poh Ling Yeow and her crazy laugh. :))))
She's on Channel 707 @ 7pm, Monday

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