Monday, January 16, 2012

bubur kacang + durian for... all day long food fest!

Bubur kacang is always our family's fave snacking food.  
Tapi kalau letak durian, lagi lah favorite... YUMMY!!! 

Went to the neighborhood durian stall to buy 2 durians.
Nothing fancy - not musang king and not even D24.
Ini sure durian reject tapi it's good enough for my bubur kacang.
Kalau nak makan gitu2, rasanya mmg kurang oomph ni...

 My bubur kacang with the durians.
Sure best ni coz the smell alone is outta this world!!

Some people like to eat their bubur kacang cold, 
but I like mine piping hot. DELICIOUS!!! :))))))


ZFVenture said...

Very good idea of this type of blog! Tips: Kalau boleh note down the place, address so that other people can go there too... ni bagi lerlior saja tengok gamabr ... :)
Like this type of Blog ! Keppu up the good work ! Lagi lama lagi besau...he..he..

manna mania said...

thanks so much, mr drum major, for the words of encouragement and feedback.. yup, akan saya includekan sekali address tempat2 tu sekali ye...


Anonymous said...

wow....aku suka deghian kampong compared deghian king....kampong punya x muak...yg king tu makan satu dua ulas..dah muak...ogycilipadi..