Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Banana leaf lunch...

Chinese foods? Check.  Minang foods?  Check.  Malay foods? Check, check and check! 

So, now the spotlight is on Indian foods. I was never a fan of Indian foods for the first half of my life, until I got married.  And since my other half is an Indian foods lover, I got hooked too.  Sedap rupanya makanan India ni...


Our fave Indian joint is Restoran Nirvana Maju in Bangsar.   

Our 'plates'...
The top plate belongs to my hubby.
I dont quite like the cucumber, so I pass.

 But I LOVE this and ask for double servings.
SEDAPNYAA!! This is snake gourd fried with spicy batter.
I could eat this the whole day. Sedap banget sih!!!

 The waiter piling on the gravy.
Plenty of dhal and curry, please!

Please don't stop until I say so!!!

Aaahhhh... that looks about right.
Time to dig in now.
Side orders are also available.
Yang ni fried tenggiri (spanish mackerel) and fried puyuh (quail).
Crunchy and spicy. Very oommmpppphhhhyy! 
Rice is all gone.
Saving the best for last.
My delicious fried snake gourd...
(this is my 3rd helping actually.. huhu) 

 Rasem or google says rasam.
And wiki says it's a South Indian soup.
A very sour soup, that is.
I'm yet to acquire its taste.
Nggak begitu sukak deh dengan rasanya
but my hubby loves it. Dua2 ni dia bedal!

  My friend, Pae, would be happy to see this. (=
All foods dutily consumed now.
The drill is to fold the banana leaf towards you
if you're happy with your meal.
But I always fold mine away from me for practical reason.
I wouldnt want any runaway gravy
to drip down the table onto me. No way, jose!

And for more safety measure,
letak container rasam and pinggan atas daun pisang tu.
Sure selamat punya tuuuu.... 
Now, wash down all that goodness with a glass of cold OJ.
Their OJ pun sedap.
Very terasa the orange.

Next to our table is this young boy
who looks like Blanket Jackson!

Anyway, Nirwana Maju Restaurant address is :
43 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone: 03 - 2287 844
Parking is a nightmare. So be prepared to make a few rounds before you can find a parking space. 

p/s : mr drum major, okay kan..? dah ada alamat tu... coordinates tak tau lah... kena carik kat google earth kot .. :)))


What's Baking?? said...

Right smack, you are right!! I love this place. Occasionally my kawan opis and i will travel all the way to bangsar to have this. Memang sedap. the best banana leaf rice so i've ever tasted!! P/S- i see that you've finally update yr profile are being too ARE a great cook!

manna mania said...

hehe... thanks for the comments, What's Baking... i am not being modest. i'm not as good as you.. your baking is to die for.. i cant even bake a simple butter cake.. hehe..

anyway, yup, the place IS awesome. actually i've never been to any other banana leaf joint, so i cant really compare. but i do love this place. memang sedap kan... ?

Anonymous said...

Hi leave pulak!!!... myself sudah stop more than a decade..too much rice...
But this shop does look good. Run by mamak k?
You are right fren...thank you for sapu lincin the meal. Alhamdulillah!..Pae

manna mania said...

pae ~ janganlah amik nasi banyak2... so sure okay punya....

Anonymous said...

MM- tak boleh tahan la.kalau banana rice, kuah banjir, with all the toppings..memang bukit la nasi. ada ayam goreng masala, resem,bendi sayur,....mkn mcm ular sawa...pae

supermomma said...


Just had banana leaves lunch with my colleagues. But they don't use banana leaves anymore, instead the shop I went to used synthetic. The feeling is not the same anymore la

manna mania said...

supermomma ~ kedai yg i selalu pi ni still guna daun pisang... tapi i've read some shops have started to use plates in the shape of daun pisang.. mana ada syiok kan... depa cakap sbb now susah nak dpt daun pisang.. ayoo kena buat bizzness daut pisang pulak ni kot.. i ada byk pokok pisang kat rumah.. :D