Saturday, January 21, 2012

Berpicnic di Lubuk Manggis, Hulu Langat

To spice things up a little bit (excuse the pun), I'm gonna do some posting on places of interests, starting from my own 'backyard', so to speak.  Memang banyak tempat-tempat menarik kat kampung saya ni.

So, the first attraction to be honored will be Lubuk Manggis.  But you won't find any manggis (mangosteen) here...  (=

It's located about (about ya.. tak sure brapa km ni sebenarnya) 40km from KL.  It may not be as famous as its 'sister', the Sungai Congkak, but it does have its own charm.

   There are quite a few 'chalets' along the river.
 Shallow and calm water.
Suitable for bathing especially for the kids.

 A bit choppy here because of the boulders in the river.

  My son and his friends enjoying the cold water.
Memang sejuk... brrrr.....

 Plenty of rocks and boulders here.

 Orang berpicnic on both sides of the river.


My son kesejukan after a dip in the water.

 Durians, anyone?

 The kids enjoying their durians. Yum!

 'Nyonya titun'

Simple sandwich for snacks!

Lubuk Manggis is not as busy and crowded as
 Sungai Congkak and Sungai Gabai.
So, it's more relaxing to swim and picnic here.

p/s : thanking my friend, MAI, for her suggestions... :))


Anonymous said...

aiyooo...bila pulak ko ke lubuk manggis. ni...aisshhh rasa nak pegi pulak...maybe next year bila habis nanti...ogycilipadi

Anonymous said...

T, how to get there??? D

Anonymous said... this the one we saw on the way to SS house. memang best tempat ni kan...bawa kids sure depa happy. Kids are easy to please...lots of water and junk food!!!! pae

Hairil Rizal said...

Personally, loved Lubuk Manggis more than Sg Congkak.

Lagi lapang dan lebih nampak aman damai.

Oh, terima kasih dtg ke Warlord's Armoury ya :)

manna mania said...

ogycilipadi ~ nanti kita buat rombongan cik kiah ke lubuk manggis ek... bbq lagi... :D

manna mania said...

how to get there? mmm... nak tau directions dari KL or dari Kajang or dari mana ya?

manna mania said...

hello hairil rizal... thanks for the comments... and yup, i was in your blog because i wasnt sure how far lubuk manggis is from KL.. dari rumah saya, saya tau le.. hehe..

silalah datang ke blog saya lagi ye... :)))

manna mania said...

pae ~ kids my sons age dah byk songeh... depa happy kalau ada wifi... huhu.....

Anonymous said...

Tunz...nak tau directions dari KL..ang ;D

manna mania said...

didz.. dari KL ye... mmm.. you know how to get to Hulu Langat? Kalau dari kelang, ikut fed hiway, masuk connaught hiway yang exit kat midvalley tu.. then go towards kajang but exit at exit 702.. and go towards sg gabai/congkak. .rasanya signboard ke lubuk manggis tak de..

then you go terus sampai pekan batu 18.. from there, kena tanya orang sbb saya tak ingat.. hehe.. pergi sekali je... teruk kan saya ni... but worry not, friend, will ask around and get back to you.. :)))

Miss A said...

The place looks interesting. Sucks I can't read much bahasa. :(

manna mania said...

hi miss A.. thanks for your comment and for stopping by at my blog.

do you have any inquiries about lubuk manggis? i'll be happy to answer them. my blog is multi lingual and i try to blog in both languages as much as possible. but i think it's 70% english and 20% bahasa... and 10% manglish... hehe...