Monday, February 20, 2012

Sup Ikan Merah or Red Snapper Fish Stew

I think the best fish to be made into fish soup is red snapper or ikan merah.  But the fish MUST be fresh.. kalau tidak, habislah bau kurang enaknya merosakkan sup ikan kita.

My version ni is more like fish stew than fish soup... why? coz it has so many things in it. Just the way I like it... 

So, here's how I make my fish soup....

Fish ball

Carrots and potatoes. 
The main reason why it's more of a stew than a soup.

Some black pepper (to be grounded), cinnamon stick and sup bunjut.
Inside that potpouri kind of thing, dah ada all the spices kan
 but still tambah my own spices jugak.
Red onions, garlic and ginger (all blended)

And the main star - red snapper/ikan merah
Tumis cinnamon stick.
Notice my pot yang macam pot Jamie Olliver? :D 
Then tumis the blended ingredients
 Bila tumisan dah masak (wangi), 
add in water and the spice potpouri.

Then add in the potatoes, carrots and fish balls.
They go in first coz they take longer to cook.
When the potatoes, carrots and balls are about done,
add in the fish.

Fish cooks very fast.
I think it takes about 3 or 4 minutes only
or people say when the eyes turn white.. errr....
 Add in some tomatoes (optional) and salt to taste.
Some people I think put in tamarind slices (asam jawa)

 Dah siap! I like to put in my chopped coriander when it's about 
to be served, so that the coriander stays fresh and aromatic.
Kalau masuk cepat2, nanti semuanya layu. 

So lebih kurang beginilah ingredients :
* one medium-sized red snapper 
* one onion                )
* 2 or 3 garlics           )  blended
* black pepper           ) 
* 1 packet of fish balls
* cinnamon stick and sup bunjut (ada org letak bunga cengkih (clove) gak -
   saya kalau ada letak, kalau tak de, tak letak)
* carrot - 1 batang
* potatoes - 2 biji
* tomato - 1 biji
* salt to taste

Method : 
* Blend onions, garlic and black pepper (altertively, ground pepper can be used too)
* Tumis the cinnamon and the blended stuff till wangi
* Add in water and the spice potpouri
* Add the potatoes, carrots and fish balls
* When the above is half-cooked, add in the fish and cook for about 3 - 4 minutes
* Add salt to taste
* Sprinkle with chopped coriander (daun sup) and ready to be devoured! YUMMY! :))))



Anonymous said...

looks so sedap...

Anonymous said...

Tuna....but i like the part..pot saya mcm JO'pot...kalau pot sama, rasa sure sama. eerr boleh pinjam pot tak? ..nak try to cook this sup for mom this week end...Blend semua..pae

manna mania said...

hi anonymous... yup, looks and tastes sedap... puji diri sendiri.. .:)) thanks for dropping by...

manna mania said...

pae ~ sure JO tak reti buat sup ikan cam ni. .so mine sure lagi sedap than his sup.. hehe. .tapi pot mmg sama.. dia punya pot pun buruk like mine.. hehe.. no vision or tefal in my kitchen.. :)))))

puterikeon said...

Simple! Ini blh masak bg anak I mkn ni...

manna mania said...

puterikeon ~ masakan saya mmg semua simple2.. kalau tak simple, mmg saya tak reti nak masak.. ;))

Queen said...

ur entry dah di plagiat dear... =)

ini blog itu =)

manna mania said...

OMG, queen!! who would have thot people would snitch other people's posting and claim it as their own?

kelakar giler.. semua dia copy paste..

camana you boleh terjumpa posting yg sama ni?

thanks so much for highlighting to me.. i've put in my comments in her blog.... tengok apa dia jawab... ;))))