Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Me and Red Velvet!

Wiki says RED VELVET is a popular cake with a dark red, bright red or red brown color, topped with creamy vanilla icing or most popularly, cream cheese icing. 
But to me Red Velvet is simply a very delicious cake.
I heard about RV way before I know what RV is all about. Let alone eating one. Jakunnya saya... Frankly the bright red color did turn me off initially. Gerun tu nak makan kek yang kalernya merah garang gitu.

But then everyone was talking about RV... either eating it or making it tapi saya masih seperti katak bawah tempurung....

So, when Fizy brought some RVs for our alumni raya do last year, naturally all hell broke loose. 
Semua orang excited. So I wasn't the only jakun, okay!!  ;D
It was basically love at first bite! SODAP!!!
The cream cheese icing is totally gonna make me gain 10kgs.. huhu..

Besides the RV, Fizy buat jugak kek2 lain yang equally yummy.
Yang kat atas ni kek banana and cheese oreo.
Kalau nak bentuk kek pun boleh kot ni.

 Tapi RV tetap di hatiku...
...and this one beats the store-made ones anytime!

Anyone care for some homemade RV, made with plenty of TLC?
Kalau berminat, bolehlah order dari Puan Fizy kita.
A few more of her sample cakes are mentioned in here...

Note : this posting is purposely done in red.
In honor of the Red Velvet.. :)))

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