Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the borderless world... hello, my visitors!

One amazing and interesting thing I discover about blogging is that my blog (and other people's as well I'm sure) is read by people from all corners of the world.  People whom I don't know.  But of course most of my readers are people I know. (Thank you, dear friends and newfound blogger friends....)

I always like to check who read my blogs.   And it's always interesting to see where the non-friend visitors come from.  I've had visitors from Canada and some parts of America which I'm pretty sure I don't have any friends there.  A visitor from Mountain View, California who quite frequently visits my blog.. (hi there!)

And today, I have 2 visitors from places I've never heard before.  Kena check dengan Mr Google dulu. hehe.. One from Kosice, Slovakia (hi! :)) and another one from Harghita, Hungary (hello :)).

And one yet-to-know visitor from Nottingham.  

My Dutch friend, Djoemila regularly visits me too.. Thanks, Dj.. :)  ... cousin laili from washington..and Taha from Melbourne... and wawahebat dari india... hain dari warwick... and teman2 dari seberang .. dari Indonesia... angah dari minnesota... and others....

And of course all my friends cum visitors. Thank you for visiting my blog.  

And yet again, I wonder at the thing we call the Internet. It really is a marvelous tool - bringing people together and creating a borderless world.  But then, it all depends on how we want to use it ... untuk kebaikan atau kejelekan....  semuanya terpulang pada diri sendiri...  nak elok, jadilah elok and sebaliknya... in other words, WE make the rules, whether to use it for good or to destroy.  

Anyway, thanks again, guys for visiting my ... errr... sometimes-without-substance bloggie.... :)))

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