Monday, February 13, 2012

Restoran Rebung - buffet masakan melayu

If a person asks me where to get Malay foods (or Malay buffet for that matter) that are tasty, close-to-authentic, reasonably-priced with quite a good spread, I would answer REBUNG without any hesitation.  It might not be fine-dining and such, but it's good enough. And most important, the foods are really good!

 Me thinks this is Rebung's trademark. 
Not the best pic though but it's the only pic I have.

Lauk pauk kampung like masak lemak rebung and siput.
ABC and nasi lemak pun adaaa... how more malaysian can that be?

The lauk-pauks. Semuanya masakan melayu asli ni.

Meehun soup counter...

 Yang ni asam laksa

 Yang ni sure to make the air lior meleleh punyalah.
Ikan masin, telur asin, sambal terung telunjuk, terung pipit and jengkol goreng. 
Yang kat tengah tu pucuk ubi tempoyak. HELP!

Tahu sumbat.. yummy!

 These are all my fave desserts ...
Clockwise from left : pulut durian, lompat tikam, 
buah melaka and last but not least, pengat pisang.  
Everytime datang sini, empat benda ni mesti makan...

Kalau nak goreng-gorengan pun ado... 
goreng pisang and keledek on this particular day.
Yang sebelah tu rojak buah.

Popia dia pun sedap.

Another all-time fave is roti jala (a must-have for me)
and kat bawah tu pulut untuk pulut durian tu, dah siap dikepal2.
Unique decors - I can understand the acuan kuih bumbai
tapi yang loceng tu saya kurang pasti apa maknanya...
Yang kat sebelah tu mesin buat ABC. Mana nak cari tu...?

A little bit of self-promotion sure helps a lot.. ahaks!
Newspapers cuttings and cook book on display at the resto.

The day we were there, a big group from somewhere was there too.
So, Chef Ismail was busy doing his rounds.

But unfortunately the astronaut was never seen on the many occasions I was at the resto. Bila saya yang busy body ni tanya, mana Dr. SM, depa selalu kata 'Oh, dia busy'.  Mmmmmmm....

Anyway, I love eating at the restaurant not because of the astronaut or the celebrity chef, but because the foods are good and the prices are reasonable for a budget food lover like me...  :)))

For those who are curious about this restaurant and would like to looksee looksee, here are the details. :

Restaurant Rebung Chef Ismail
No 4-2 Lorong Maarof
Bangsar Park
59000 Kuala Lumpur
(Landmark: Dataran Maybank)

Tel: 03 22832119
Off: 03 2282 4776
Fax: 03 2283 4775

Boleh dapat discount kot the next time I'm there for this good review... err.. wishful thinking.... ;))))


Anonymous said...

Tuna, looks wonder la..every time cheese and bread here..only local food ( which are my fav too ) are thse buffet? hw much p kepala?...pae

manna mania said...

mmg semuanya local foods.. for hi tea on saturday, it's 40rm nett.. okaylah kan... buffet ni.. tapi most time, i tak makan semua pun sbb too much. i only eat my fave... ;D

fizzy said...


Kalau nak pegi sini, kena puasa 10 before and after! Kalau tidak ....mesti guilty tak hengat. Kena puasa 10 hari dulu so masa makan kurang rasa guilty. I for sure nak RASA semua tuh....

manna mania said...

so fizzy, kena start puasa dari sekarang ..coz insya allah we'll be going there soon.... hihi.....