Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marche - gerai makan ala Swiss

I think Marche the restaurant is the first of its kind in Malaysia.  Marche means 'market' in French but please take note 'market marche' is spelled with 'e tanda'.... tapi keyboard saya ni tak de 'e tanda'... Marche with 'e biasa' is actually a name of a place in France (now dah tak ada tempat tu..).

Anyway, the Marche we're talking about here is it the Swiss-based resto located in The Curve, Damansara.  I love the place coz it's so quaint and cosy.  (let's not talk about the price ya... scary topic tu..).

 A cute sign... but please take note it's not a girly place, okay. 
Everyone is welcomed here.. no discrimination.. :))

I guess everyone knows the drill here. But for the sake of those who haven't been here, here's how.  As you enter the resto, each of us will be given a 'passport' cam kat atas ni.  So, bila kita pergi pilih makanan kita, the price(s) will be stamped on the passport. When you're done with your dining, just present your passport to the cashier and pay for your own foods. 

I think this system is very good if you're eating with friends and you don't want to pay for them.. ahaks!! You know how cunning some friends are, right? They want to eat but they expect other people to pay for them. So, the next time you eat with such people, bring them to Marche!!

One section of the restaurant
My fave counter -  the spud counter.
They serve rosti and other spud stuff.. yum! 

This is one of their dessert counter...

Various types of bread with butter and preserves.

On the left are bread pudding and ice-cream.
On the right are pizza and rabbit foods...
The drink stations.
Plenty of nice and fresh fruit juices here.
Hot drinks pun ada.
RM3.50 for a cup of teh tarik... errr... 

Another favorite. The mushroom station.
Their sauteed mushroom sedap giler.
Love it much. Pernah sekali makan few bowls sampai mabuk.
So remember manna-mania, MODERATION is the name of the game ya... ! 
And their mushroom soup pun sedap.
It's so thick and tasty. Nothing like the one you get from the can.

Besides the foods shown above, they have many other stuff. chicken, fish, steak, lamb, veges, pasta and almost anything under the sun.  Tapi roti canai tak ada lah kat sini ya....  :))))

The restaurant's whereabout and number is : 

The Curve, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya

03 7728 9200


Anonymous said...

Tuna...lama ke waitng for the food to arrive or is it buffet....nampak sedah j..western food only?..pae

manna mania said...

pae.. kalau yg simple2 tu mudah je... most of the foods tu depa masak bila kita dah pilih.. tapi desserts mmg dah siap... tak lah lama sgt.. only western.. sedap.. nanti hg mai KL, kita pi ye... :)

Nath said...

seems like it's much cheaper to dine @ Malaysia than Singapore. Gonna try local branch soon ;)

manna mania said...

i guess ... esp if one compares the RM and Sing$. If the singaporeans eat here, they will find things a lot cheaper .... and if malaysians eat there, mahallll.. ;)

What's Baking?? said...

Memang the price is something to think about...tu la dah lama tak pergi sana..haaha

manna mania said...

sekali sekala special occasion bolehlah kan, jen... :D

Nava Krishnan said...

The mushroom does look fabulous and tempting to me.

manna mania said...

Nava Krishnan.. it sure does! should try it sometime... ;)))

teratai said...

nampak tempat spt esklusif je!

manna mania said...

teratai... nak kata exclusive, tak gak... it's a very informal place... and very cosy....

Ken Wooi said...

always walk pass it at the curve, but never try day should try then :)

manna mania said...

hello ken wooi.. thanks for checking out my bloggie... :)

and yes, you should try out marche... i know there are a lot of nice places to eat in the curve.. one would be spoilt for choice.. but marche is worth trying... :)