Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kampung Life : My Personal Zoo

Living in a kampung is full of adventures and misadventures too.   Kampung life is the best for me and I love it to bits and would never trade it for anything else.  Can't imagine myself living in a concrete jungle.. ayoo... don't think so I can survive.

Part and parcel of living near a 'jungle' is the frequent visits by our  uninvited 'guests'.  They come unannounced but we're used to having them around, though at times they do give us the shivers... 

The biawak or monitor lizard is one of our very regular visitors.
They come all the time. Kadang2 masuk rumah lagi.
They can be quite aggressive, it's best to leave them alone.
But they're easily spooked. So bila kita shoo2 dia, dia larilah.

 The owl or burung hantu. Check out the eyes!
This is one of my favorite animals.
But they don't come much now 
because we don't have chickens anymore.

 This tortoise or kura-kura came after a rainy day.
It's such a fascinating animal.

It hides its head and limbs as soon as it senses danger.
'Danger' here comes in a form of me and me cats.. hehe..
The 'mean' homosapien turns the tortoise around (turn turtle?)
to check out its belly. Fascinating, eh? The tummy is closed shut
and you can't even see where the limbs and head go. 
Totally amazing. Subhanallah.

Me cat is as curious as me... ahaks!

This is another regular visitor.
They come alllllll the time. Every day, in fact.

This one even comes into the house and is actually checking on me.
Our ceiling kopak sebab kucing berkelahi atas tu.
 Tu yang berlubang tu when both cats came crashing down.
So this monkey always spies on me when I'm busy on the FB. :))

We have plenty of birds too. All types
but it's not easy to capture them on camera.
And I don't have an SLR, so this is all I can get.
A cute yellow bird.

 At times we're lucky and get to see their nests and eggs.
Totally marvelous. Check out the intricacies of their nests.
Don't worry, guys...we do not take the eggs or mess their nests.
We just take pics and marvel at Allah's creations.

 A huge and beautiful butterfly. 
 One of its wings is damaged. Poor thing. 

Tupai aka squirrel. Yang ini pun memang ramai kat rumah.
This baby one was caught by our cat and we're on a rescue mission.
It's actually such a cute and cuddly animal.

My son releasing the baby squirrel.

 Be safe now, little squirrel....

These are not actually the wild and the ferocious
but they are part of the animals that roam my house  =))
Mother hen and her cute little chickies...
One chick on her back..

 Two chicks now...

 And three!!! 
They ain't heavy, they're my babies!!

But this one is sure wild and scary.
The slithering kind pun selalu datang jugak.. huhu..

This one was found slithering around in our banana trees.
And later tried to swallow a froggie, leg first.

 Babi hutan @ wild boar. Among the animals, 
I guess these are the fiercest, scariest and wildest of all. 
 They come often too and we keep out of their way.
They can run very fast, so better don't mess around with them.

Well, that's how interesting kampung life is. Everyday one discovers new things and it's always an adventure.  Thanking Allah for my kampung life and all that comes with it.  Alhamdulillah. :)))

disclaimer : no animals are harmed in the making of this blog :D


Anonymous said...

Wah, hebat betol personal zoo hang, Tuna. Yg bestnya masuk tak yah beli tiket..hehe...tapi yg aku takut sekali yg ulau masuk rumah tu weh, yg lain dok kat luar rumah saja tak pa..


teratai said...

kehidupan alam semulajadi yg masih belum terusik...payah dah nak jumpa di kawasan bandar spt tempat tinggal kak sekarang!

Tapi kera tu ada jugak sekali-sekala bertandang ke rumah,cari makanan!

manna mania said...

hain ~ tu lahh.... my cats pun suka memburu.. kadang2 ntah apa depa bawak balik.. yg paling teruk rasanya anak biawak... ee.. geli betul.. tupai burung butterfly belalang chameleon tu kira dah biasa sgt la....

manna mania said...

teratai ~ tapi sekarang dah byk sgt pembangunan kat kampung saya ni.. jalan pun dah jem.. mmg tension kami dibuatnya tapi nak buat camana kan.. saya masih beruntung sbb belakang rumah masih lagi hutan... alhamdulillah... kalau tension2 blh masuk utan.. hihi....

What's Baking?? said...

A wonderful life. Nothing beats this kind of life. Untungnya you. Tak payah bayar untuk tengoh semua binatang ni kan, Has? Tapi I tak suka ular..eee geli nya!!!

Ct Nur said...

Nature, tinggal di kampung,...feel and fresh,..:)

Anonymous said...

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